Radisson Blu Lucerne -Calling Honeymooners

To me it was indeed a great moment, when Markus ( General Manager Redisson Blue Switzerland) approached me at a bar Counter in one of the most  famous  restaurant ( China1) which serves the best Chinese food in Mumbai. Hi… he said I am Markus from Redisson Blue.. I was just impressed by the name.. Marcus Aurelius  was a great Roman Emperor  ,who was known for his wisdom ,based on acceptance ,discipline and right action..

A life Time Experience
A life Time Experience

Our discussion ..soon switched to Redisson Blue Switzerland… There are good number of  from India  who visit Switzerland  as , this country is regarded as Kashmir of the world. If a traveler is out what he needs is a great place to stay…

Hotels today advance how people live in cities, travel around the world, conduct business, commune with nature and even construct their fantasy lives. The Redisson Blue Switzerland modern hotel not only offers a place to sleep, but also provides an escapist experience, through its design, sense of spectacle and amenities. Staying in Redisson Blue Switzerland is no longer a question of only getting a nice, clean and comfortable room. It’s much more. It’s an experience, an event, a happening. It’s funky and its entertainment. All this does not mean that today’s guests don’t require service and quality. On the contrary, Guests are ready to pay for the pleasure of staying in a nice hotel but they do demand that everything is on top form. One of the difficulties in delivering that “ultimate guest experience” lies in the fact that to many guests, the hotel experience is a very personal one. They sleep and shower there, both highly personal activities which, depending on the mood of the individual, might require mere functionality or a higher level of sensory or emotional stimulation. There are many other hotels in Lucerne other than Redisson Blue , but after staying in Redisson Blue ,  it is very  clear , different hotels deliver a differently level in the fulfilment of the guest requirements.

Explicitly not free for architectural magazines, books and commercial use.
Explicitly not free for architectural magazines, books and commercial use.

The difficulty being clearly that motivation factors for guests staying at a hotel can be widely varied. The hotel can be a substitute home or the ultimate escape from the everyday routine. If hotels are that much of a private choice, inevitably clients are going to look for some “connection”, which is the real strength of lifestyle hotels. Redisson Blue Lifestyle hotel  offer, above anything else, individuality. It stands in contrast to many chain hotels that are designed and furnished to similar specification. As extracted from a study published by PricewaterhouseCoopers in June 2002, essential features of lifestyle hotels include:

  1. Unique identity and modern character.
  2. High levels of personal service.
  3. Reflective of the personality/style of their designers and/or operators and owners.
  4. Stylish design-led architecture and interiors, often offering high quality high tech in-room facilities.

To my mind Redisson Blue Lucerne offers a great experience and one must visit and experience it…

In my next Blog I shall be touching about the great Places which can be visited during your stay in Lucerne

Apple Snicker Dessert Trifle -By Nisha -Mumbai….


Preparation Time : 10 Mins
Total Time : 10 Mins

Green Apples : 5 to 7
Snickers Bar : 6
Fresh Cream


Icing Sugar

Take Cream and Sugar. Blend it together. Whipped till soft and Fluffy. Place in the refrigerator to set while you prepare other ingredients.
Wash and chop apples into small bite size pieces.
Chop snicker bars into small chunks.

Nisha the Celebrity Chef
Nisha the Celebrity Chef

Layer the ingredients into a large trifle bowl.
Begin with whipped cream, then cover with apples and snickers.
Repeat the layering.
Finally, top with a layer of whipped cream and add some additional apples and snicker chunks.

Pasta Made in India by Rajshree




Pasta Made In India
Pasta Made In India

Preparation time   :  5 minutes

Cooking time        :  1/2 Hr

Serving Size          :  2 to 4 Persons

Ingredients :         

  1. Whole wheat pasta or spagetti –  250 grams.
  2. Garlic –  10 to 15 small flakes grated or crushed.
  3. Chilli flakes 10/15 gms or dry 4/5 red chillies crushed into flakes.
  4. Oil – 1 table spoon.
  5. Cheese – 2 cubes grated.
  6. Dry Oregano, mixed herbs, basil – one teaspoon each.
  7. Milk – ½ cup.
  8. Water to boil pasta.
  9. Salt for taste.
  10. Extra Virgin Olive oil 1 table spoon.




  1. Keep pasta/Spagetti for boiling on gas stove. (Do not drain out all water).
  2. In a pan, heat oil (sim flame), add  garlic  and fry till light brown.
  3. Add chilli flakes, oregano, mixed herbs and Basil.
  4. After the colour changes to dark brown, add the boiled pasta/spagetti with some quantity of
  5. Add milk, cheese and salt and cook for some time on sim flame stirring in between.
  6. Add extra virgin olive oil and Serve hot or cool.


  1. S. – You can also add vegetable of your choice in this.


SAO JEE Cuisine :- Chillicious Journey – Pintoo Restaurant Nagpur


Rahul the owner in the Red T-Shirt along with his customers
Rahul the owner in the Red T-Shirt along with his customers

It was my pleasure when I met Rahul @ Pintoo Restaurant in Nagpur who took me to a Chillicious Journey of Saojee Food. They had been running this restaurant since last 30 years.. Well known in Nagpur for their food.. Mr. Pintoo used to actually sell Poha in his early days… He had risen from that level and earned his name.. His wife is the source behind the whole venture. The big kitchen is under her supervision and the  dishes are awesome..

Bheja Fry -Goat's brain Curry .. It was like butter..@ Pintoo Restaurant Nagpur
Bheja Fry -Goat’s brain Curry .. It was like butter..@ Pintoo Restaurant Nagpur

The red curry is so eye catching that you can’t resist the food.. Its really hot… in true sense can be called nasal cleanser…

Saojee Cuisine

The  Vidharbha region has its own distinctive cuisine known as the Varhadi cuisine or Saoji cuisine. Saoji or Savji cuisine was the main cuisine of  Savji community. This traditional food is famous for its spicy taste. The special spices used in the gravy include black pepper, dry coriander, bay leaves, grey cardamom, cinnamon ,cloves and ample use of poppy seeds (khus-khus). Non-vegetarian food especially chicken and mutton are commonly eaten in Saoji joints at Nagpur. There are numerous Savji bhojanalay   ]in Nagpur .

Delicious Dish made out of Goat's HOOF
Delicious Dish made out of Goat’s HOOVES

Savji community is known for its hot and spicy non vegetarian delicacies and Savji masala in places where Savjis are concentrated in large numbers. Majority of the Savji people are non-vegetarian and hence preparation of variety of meat dishes is very common in the community. Goat meat, chicken and fish forms major component of Savji cuisine along with other vegetarian dishes. Alcohol consumption is not restricted in the community. Some of the common recipes include edmi (puris made of wheat flour, gram flour, chilies and other spices), khaimo or kheema (minced goat meat), shakanu chaknu (goat and chicken curry) prepared in special Savji spices.

Savji food is famous for its very hot and spicy flavor in many cities (where they are in large number) served in small family style restaurants called Savji khanavali[8] or “Savji hotel” or bhojanalaya,[1] found in large numbers in places like Hubli, Bangalore, Belgaum in Karnataka, Nagpur and Solapur in Maharashtra. There are a line of Savji bhojanalays[ in Nagpur that are very popular in Maharashtra ,” Saoji food is not very rich in terms of ingredients. Simple spices and Bhiwapuri chillies are used. The trick lies in mixing the spices which is known only to Koshti women,” says Rahul. “There is an urgent need to provide some unique identification or this cuisine too would get generic,” .

What has still kept the food so niche is the fact that Saoji can’t be relished by everyone and requires an acquired taste. “It is a combination of around 24 spices mixed in a proportion which remains a closely guarded secret,” says Rahul”

Stressing that it is impossible to replicate the taste and flavours of Saoji food elsewhere, Rahul, who runs Pintoo Saoji RESTOURANT in Nagpur Near TAELEPHONE EXCHANGE  areas, says, “The food remains confined to this region as Koshti women make these preparations. The traditional spices are mixed in a method which is not common knowledge and very difficult for any outsider to get to know.” Rahul says that this food is so popular that people from Mumbai and Pune get it packed and carry it. ”

Saoji cuisine is by far the most different in taste feels celebrity I would like to  popularize  the food outside the region through my blog “I have always stuck to the authentic method and taste. Most of the time people don’t relish it. But I refuse to compromise. Saoji is hot and spicy and people should enjoy it this way,”


Baked Karanji/Gujiya by Rajashree from Mumbai BPCL

images (1)
Hand Crafted Kranji By Rajashree
Golden Crispy

Gujias in Hindi ,Kranji in Marathi ,are fried pastries filled with coconut or khoya (thickened solidified milk) and dry fruits. Gujias are called Pedakiya in Bihar. Pedakiyas are very popular in Bihar and are relished by everyone. There are two types of pedakiya made in Bihar – One with “Suji/ Rawa” ( Semolina)) and other with Khoya. In Suji pedakiya – Suji is roasted in Ghee with sugar, cashew, grated coconut, cardamom, raisins and other nuts and then deep fried in Ghee. In Khoya pedakiya – pure Khoya is mixed with nuts and sugar and then deep fried. “Karanji” (Marathi) in Maharashtra, “Ghughra” (Gujarati) in Gujrat, “Karachika” (Tamil) in Tamil Nadu “Karjikayi” (Kannada and Telugu) in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka are all fried sweet dumplings are made of wheat flour and stuffed with dry or moist coconut delicacies. In Goa Goan Hindus prepare it on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthiandand are known as Nevris. In nutshell we can call it Purley an Indian SWEET SNACK.
In Northerns part of India ,ot is common to prepare Gujiya during Holi ( Festival) But why During Holi.. Why not during Diwali….What the Hell??? During these days of Durga Puja, Diwali and all the upcoming festivals I was actually craving for Gujias. Fortunelty Rajshree got it made and brought the same to Office…It was sheer Megic…delicious…..
Gujias slightly vary from region to region. In the Northern parts of India, the filling is made with sweetened khoya and dry fruits & nuts while in South Western States, it consists of shredded coconut, nuts and jaggery/unrefined cane sugar or sugar. . A lot of times Gujias are further coated in sugar syrup to form a glazed coating and add to the sweetness.
Though the preparation of Gujiya requires a little time and efforts, the taste of this delicious recipe is worth it. The best thing about Gujiya is that it can be used as a sweet dish, dessert as well as snacks. It can also be preserved for along time without any effort.

The packaging of a gujhia is very much like that of a Samosa, however the gujhia has a very distinct shape. The gujhia is filled with a mixture of grated and roasted dry fruits,Khoya, coconuts and to add a grainy texture, a little suji (coarse ground wheat flour).Several regional cuisines in India feature dishes similar to gujia, but with different fillings.

On my personal request Rajshree shared the recipe promptly … I am just reproducing the same….Enjoy….

Baked Gujiya


Preparation time   :  1 Hr

Cooking time        :  30 min.

Serving Size          :  40 to 45 Gujiyas

Equipment            :  Microwave, Microwave safe bowl.

Ingredients :         

  1. Mugh dal – ½ Kg,  coarsely powdered
  2. Powdered Sugar – ½ Kg
  3. All purpose Flour (Maida) – ½ Kg
  4. Desi Ghee – as required
  5. Dry Fruits (Badam, Cashewnuts ) – roasted and crushed
  6. Cardamoms – powdered
  7. Brown currants (Kishmish)
  8. Milk
  9. Rawa



  1. In a Microwave safe dish, mix Mugh dal  powder and melted ghee till the powder  soaks  in ghee completely.
  2. Roast this mixture in microwave step by step as given below, stirring at intervals:-
  • Full power for 3 minutes.
  • Repeat full power for 3 minutes.
  • Reduce to medium power and roast for every 2 minutes each till the mixture is roasted properly (nearly 20 minutes).
  1. Let the mixture cool down.
  2. Add the powdered sugar, cardamom powder, crushed dry fruits, kishmish and mix well.
  3. Make a tough dough of maida in the proportion of 1 cup maida, 2tbsp of rawa & ghee each and knead the whole quantity of maida with required quantity of milk.
  4. Keep it aside closed for half an hour and make gujiyas with the help of mould.
  5. Brush gujiyas on both the side with ghee and bake them for 15 mins at 180deg C.

Nachani Ladoo by Rajshree from Mumbai—-BPCL

Group of Rajshree's freinds in BPCL who enjoyed the Nachni Ladoo
Group of Rajshree’s freinds in BPCL who enjoyed the Nachni Ladoo

Of the five senses involved in eating, taste is the most important.  It is our most direct, embodied encounter with food; it affords pleasure and disgust; and it is the one sense we cannot help but

use.  Yet taste is more than something that just happens in the mouth: it is also the leading metaphor in aesthetics.  Taste refers to our discrimination regarding art objects and our standards for artistic judgments.  To have taste means the ability to discern aesthetic qualities in things.  It is a particular kind of knowledge especially appropriate for artworks – one that bridges epistemology and philosophy of art.

When I tasted Nachcani Ladoo made by my one of the Colleagues , it was a wonderful experience.. and I could not resist posting my thoughts….here .. Rajshree  prepared Nachani Laddo & brought them to office to share with those who work with her. I am sure she might have enjoyed the process of not only making ladoos but also sharing them too with her loved ones at work place..

Very few people have such quality  of sharing the joy of cooking and sharing in  their overall persona … She shared the recipe of Nachcani ladoo on my request  ,which I am reproducing …

Indians are fortunate to have access to a selection of healthy flours with untold benefits. Made from super healthy nachni flour, these tasty laddoos will help build your vitamin B complex reserves. Two of these laddoos make a satiating mini snack.

Made by Rajshree
Nachani Ladoos Hand Crafted by Rajshree

Preparation time    :   1 Hr

Cooking time          :   30 minutes

Serving Size            :  40 to 45 ladoos

Equipment              :  Microwave, Microwave safe bowl.

Ingredients :         


  1. Powdered Ragi –  ½ kg
  2. Powdered Sugar –  ½ kg
  3. Desi Ghee – as required
  4. Dry Fruits (Badam, Cashewnuts ) – roasted and crushed.
  5. Cardamom – powdered
  6. Brown currants(Kishmish) – One per ladoo


Process :


  1. In a Microwave safe dish, mix powdered Ragi  and melted ghee till the powder  completely soaks in ghee.
  2. Roast this mixture in microwave step by step as given below and remove, stir and mix properly after each step.
  • Full power(highest temperature) for 3 minutes.
  • Repeat full power for 3 minutes.
  • Reduce temperature to medium & again roast the mixture for 2     minutes each till the Ragi powder get roasted completely.(approx. 20 mins).
  1. Let the mixture cool down.
  2. Then add the powdered sugar, crushed dry fruits, cardamom powder and mix well.
  3. Make ladoos along with kishmish. (Add Ghee if required while making ladoos.)

How to make Mango Kheer in 20 Minutes Contributed by Gaurav Hans

Preparation time:  20 min.mango kheer1

Cooking time          : 15 min.

Serving Size            : 5

Equipment            : 1 mixing bowl, Mixer Grinder, Knife, 2 plates, serving platter , 1 mixing spoon, Pressure cooker


  • 100 gm rice
  • 50 gm sugar
  • ½ tb spoon powedered cardimum
  • 50 gm nuts
  • 50 gm cashew nuts
  • ½  green coconut (grinded)
  • 5 mangoes
  • 1 lt milk
  • Kesar for garnishing



  • Boil rice in pressure cooker till it becomes soft
  • Grind rice and 3 mangoes in a mixer grinder
  • Boil the milk  in another beaker and add sugar to it
  • Put the mixture in milk and and mix it continously for 5 minutes
  • Add nuts and other dryfruits
  • Take it out in a serving platter
  • Cut mango in small pieces; add coconut and cumin powder
  • Add kesar for garnish
  • Allow it to settle at room temperature
  • Put it in refrigerator and serve it cold.

mango kheer1

How tasty our tongue is ? check it out…

  • Lot of people asked me many times , why some people have better sense of taste or how the taste sense functions in human biology. Just trying to pen down the mystery behind the science. People love to eat but don’t want to go behind the taste… Lets take a look
  • Taste & smell:

Both determine the flavour of food

Taste and smell are closely linked even though they involve different receptors

and receptive processes.

This suggests an overlap in central processing

Taste and smell:

  • Receptors are chemoreceptors
  • In association with food intake, influence flow of digestive juices and affect appetite
  • Stimulation of receptors induces pleasurable or objectionable sensations and signals presence of something to seek or to avoid
  • Chemoreceptors housed in taste buds
  • Present in oral cavity and throat
  • Taste receptors have life span of about 10 days
  • Taste bud consists oftoung
    • Taste pore
      • Opening through which fluids in mouth come into contact with surface of receptor cells
    • Taste receptor cells
      • Modified epithelial cells with surface folds called microvilli
      • Plasma membrane of microvilli contain receptor sites that bind selectively with chemical molecules
    • Located in taste buds in:
      • Tongue
      • Epiglottis
      • Soft Palate
      • Pharynx
      • Anatomy of the Taste Buds
      • 10,000 taste buds found on tongue, soft palate & pharynx
      • Taste buds consist of:
      • ~50 receptor cells (type 3) surrounded by supporting cells
      • Basal cells (type 1 &2) develop into supporting cells then receptor cells
      • Gustatory hairs project through the taste pore
      • Life span of 10 days
    • Tastant (taste-provoking chemical)
    • Binding of tastant with receptor cell alters cell’s ionic channels to produce depolarizing receptor potential
    • Receptor potential initiates action potentials within terminal endings of afferent nerve fibers with which receptor cell synapses
    • Terminal afferent endings of several cranial nerves synapse with taste buds in various regions of mouth
    • Signals conveyed via synaptic stops in brain stem and thalamus to cortical gustatory area

Physiology of Taste –

  • Dissolution in Saliva
  • Attachment to Receptors
  • Generator Potential
  • Action Potential
  • Taste Perception
  • Influenced by information derived from other receptors, especially odor
  • Temperature and texture of food influence taste
  • Psychological experiences associated with past experiences with food influence taste
  • How cortex accomplishes perceptual processing of taste sensation is currently unknown

Primary modalities of taste

  • Responses of Taste buds:
  • Each taste bud responds strongly to one type of taste
  • But they also respond to other tastes as well
  • 5 primary tastes
  • Salty
  • Stimulated by chemical salts, especially NaCl
  • Sour
  • Caused by acids which contain a free hydrogen ion, H+
  • Sweet
  • Evoked by configuration of glucose
  • Bittertoung1
  • Brought about by more chemically diverse group of taste substances
  • Examples – alkaloids, toxic plant derivatives, poisonous substances
  • Umami
  • Meaty or savory taste/ pleasant taste
  • Clinical considerations
  • Ageusia: Absence of sense of taste
  • Dysgeusia: Disturbed sense of taste
  • Hypogeusia: Diminshed sense of taste
  • Hypergeusia: increased sense of taste

I am sure this blog will bring some clarity as to how our taste buds function in our system.. However feel free to ask questions…



Vietnamese Cuisine.. Pho Soup

pho soupe 2
Pho Soupe…

Vietnamese food, the good stuff, is often very spicy Vietnamese food can take more time to prepare. some examples of long prepared meals are bo kho, pho (yah its thrown together when u order it but the soup is cooked for a long long time), and those banana leaf wrapped foods.
Pho Soup…I  personally find that Vietnamese food has a lot of impact in terms of flavour. i think there is some sophistication in its flavour but its prominent quality is the intensity of the flavour. For example, fish sauce and fermented shrimp paste are very salty and pungent.

Chane Kulche at Purani Kacheri

this is really some thing authentic

Punjabi Foodie


Photographs : Ashish

‘Whats in a name, for which you call a rose by any other name, would still smell as sweet.’

”Original Chana Point”. When asked about how he decided on the name of his shop, the reply follows the above tune.DSC_0029-001

The third generation in the business, he says, that there are now few guys are using ‘Purani Kacheri’ reference, even in different cities like Manali etc, to sell their product.


Keen in doing his business, he showed less interest in us. Reluctantly he told few facts. His grandfather Ronaki Ram Saluja, migrated to india from Pakistan. That is evident from the fact that he serves Rawalpindi Chana along with Kulchas.


The chana and the spices are cooked only with ghee. No brine or spicy water is added.

The boiled chana, mixed with spices like, Jeera, Anardana, coriander Powder, Amchur, Garam Masala, Chana Masala etc is cooked along…

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Food is a central activity of mankind, and one of the single most significant trademarks of a culture.